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Paddle Boards by Lake

Premium SUP Hiring Experience On The River Thames

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Hire premium SIC Paddle Boards 

£25 - 2 Hours


Hiring + 30 minute introductory coaching session

£30 - 2 Hours


Customised your experience (tours, food, 1-1 lessons, corporate events, parties, couples)

Custom pricing

OllioSUP is located on The River Thames between
Shepperton & Chertsey in Surrey.


Hi there, so glad you're here!  


Welcome to OllioSUP my name is Ollio Moss, an ASI SUP (stand-up paddle boarding) coach with over 30 years of experience in the world of health, fitness and wellness

OllioSUP was founded out of pure passion and enjoyment. SUP definitely tops the list for me, as the best all-around sport and activity I have tried. 


It re-energises your mind, exercises your body and stirs up your soul, creating those "feel good" hormones that contribute to sending you into a peaceful "zen-state" (living in the moment) giving you a real appreciation of how good it feels to be alive and kicking!


According to I-News UK, SUP (stand-up paddle boarding) is one of the fastest-growing sports in Britain with an estimated 900,000 Britons having had a go last summer, discovering just how much fun and inclusive SUP is for all abilities, ages, shapes and sizes.

Ollio Moss

That's why I created the.......

OllioSUP Quickstart Session


These small group bespoke lessons are designed to give you all the foundational paddle boarding knowledge and practical skills that set up the perfect introduction to our wonderful world of paddle boarding. This Quickstart session is a winning formula, making that all-important difference in the way you feel, look, move and glide on the water. 

OllioSUP's  Principles in Coaching:

  • Boost trust, confidence and motivation.

  • Always be patient and approachable.

  • Teach knowledge and understanding with enthusiasm and strong communication skills.

  • Provide a bespoke approach, catering for each individual's requirements: delivering the results for you!

Click the button to book your session TODAY! 👇

Paddle boarding, shepperton
Paddle boarding, Shepperton

Enjoying the ‘Paddle'.  -   Discovering your ‘Passion’.  -   Finding a ‘Purpose’

What do people say about OllioSUP?

"My husband and I had an amazing paddle board lesson with Ollio whom we have known for years. A blissful ride around his beautiful stretch of river whole being coached by the best in the business. Pleasure and fitness in one. Can’t recommend it too highly!"

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Rebecca Frayn

“I’d wanted to try paddle boarding for a while but never had the chance, or guidance. Ollio was a great and encouraging teacher and I couldn’t believe the progress he achieved out of just one session, from just getting on the board, to getting around and mobile on the water.  He’s helped me discover a new long term hobby that I will continue at every opportunity”


Sam Woodland


Jackie O'Leary

"I'm an active lady in my early 60's a keen marathon runner, who also enjoys pilates and yoga.   I had figured out some of the basics in paddle boarding then reached out to Ollio seeking more direction and understanding.  His friendly personality and enthusiastic teaching style kindly explained I was paddling like a T-Rex, which made sense as my arms often felt fatigued.  Using bigger levers and engaging more of my bigger muscles was a game changer for me making all the difference to smoothly gliding through the water with more ease, efficiency and speed. SUP has really helped to strength my back and upper body adding perfect balance to my other active interests.  Thanks Ollio will see you in the SUP-Club."

"In the summer of 2021 I was just coming out the other side of a 9 month battle with long COVID, for over 4 months of this I couldn't leave my house due to fatigue. When this started to lift I met Ollio, he helped me re-engage with exercise again, talked to me about lifestyle changes I could make and helped build my confidence with exercise and with paddle boarding. The sessions were perfect for my recovery, they were fun and distracted me from my anxiety around exercise. I am now back to full fitness, can't recommend him enough!"

WhatsApp Image 2022-03-08 at 12.30.36 PM.jpeg

George Tilbury

"I am a complete beginner and was very nervous about paddle boarding despite being a strong swimmer. I started taking lessons with Ollio in the summer of 2020 and through his professionalism and patience as a coach I managed to succeed in staying up on the board and make my way down the river! A real feat for me!!"

WhatsApp Image 2022-03-08 at 6.37.26 PM.jpeg

Maggie McGahon

"Mr Motivator" is our nickname for Ollio!  I had only tried paddle boarding once whilst on holiday, so was a bit shaky in my first lesson with Olli0. However due to his teaching and encouragement I soon settled into it. Ollio made it fun and it was so good for my wellbeing to be outside on the water.  Can't wait to get my friends together in a Quick start session before we take on a Roost and Wellness tour. ☀️


Jan Croci

" I have been paddle boarding for a little while now being honest my past experiences of having lessons were all just a bit too flat.  Meeting Ollio brought SUP to life, with his positive energy he was able to fully understand and work with two previous injuries I had been struggling with to my back and knees, thanks to his advice on and off the board I have made big positive steps forward and virtually pain free now.  Thanks Ollio."

WhatsApp Image 2022-03-17 at 7.50.50 PM (1).jpeg

Martyna Kowalczyk

Let's be honest...

It's always much more satisfying and fun making that step up from complete beginner to intermediate level in any activity that we try.

SUP in the beginning, is no different, from swinging a golf club, tennis racket or walking into the gym for the first time. Without any guidance and direction, you can very soon adopt bad habits feeling frustrated with a lack of progression. 

Receiving good, clear and effective coaching is crucial from the start!  

Ollio, paddle board, lessons, shepperton
Find Your Roost

Come and visit us in this stunningly beautiful section of the River Thames.

What else do we offer?

OllioSUP Tours is the ultimate SUP, ROOST, and WELLNESS tour!

We are so proud, of our beautiful scenic stretch of The River Thames in Shepperton. 


It's a joy and pleasure to lead small groups into a river adventure where we can share each other's company, historic river facts and stories, some light coaching and paddle boarding tips along the way - making the most of escaping tech and the hustle and bustle of life.


Experience "living in the moment" as you glide downriver, breathing in the fresh air and soaking up some sunny D's, appreciating all aspects of river life.

Add in the BONUS for each paddle boarding tourer a pre-ordered freshly prepared nutritional and tasty ROOST meal of choice with a selection of hot and cold drinks to enjoy on your return.


We also offer corporate half-days. Giving you the opportunity to exchange the "board room" for a "SUP board!" 


Click the button below to see availability. 

Paddle boarding, Shepperton
Find Your Roost
Paddle boarding, tours, rentals, shepperton

OllioSUP Rentals

OllioSUP provides the opportunity for you to hire boards and accessories, from his premium SIC/Starboard SUP collection from his site in Shepperton.  

Also available is our adventure Old Town Discovery 169 Canoe 4 seater supplied with buoyancy aids and paddles. (All day rental available on special request)


Included in the price is a brief induction covering;

  • Some basic coaching on technique and kit

  • River rules and etiquette  

  • Personal safety

  • Comprehensive map of the area to plan out your adventure

Rental sessions can only be booked two weeks in advance.

There will always be a certified instructor back at base just in case you have reason to make contact. 

Click the button below to see availability. 

Paddle board, rental, shepperton, surrey
canoe, rental, shepperton, surrey

Who Is Ollio?

I am not a SUP school, it's just me!  

Therefore I can keep OllioSUP a little more bespoke.
Book well ahead to avoid disappointment!
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